I’m an Exclamation Mark, Get Me Out of Here!

A brochure picture for tourist information, Savai’i.

I can’t believe that our friends, Ted and Teresa, have cancelled their flight home!

“Ted’s having such a good time.” Teresa gently pats his paunch as if genuinely proud of his figure. “Seems a pity to drag him back to the cold. Minus five in Dunedin. Neither of us are ready for that.”

“But you live in NaeNae?”

“I know.” She cackles like Mother Goose. “Gonna be a change from the Sheraton, ain’t it?”

“You’re staying on there?” At least their hotel is on the other side of town.

“No way.” A smile so wide, it’s an elastic band between her ears. “We’re moving in with you. We’ve booked the appartment next door.”  She pauses to pick something out of her teeth.  “Until December.”

“You’re kidding?”  I waver like a tightrope walker.

“No.” She pats my arm. “Don’t worry. It’ll be like a big kids’ sleep-over. Ted’s got his old game of Twister, and I’ll bring some music.”

Heck! Twister with Ted? Boogie with Teresa? Wrestling a croc to the sound of Demis Roussos would be easier. Forever and ever….

Thump! Something on our stairs. Probably Ted with their first suitcase.

Enough! We’re leaving!

Take us to Savai’i – the other island – for some peace and quiet.

No Ted and Teresa.  No internet either.

Catch you later!


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