This Time Next Year…

Samoa will always be in our minds. Our experience wasn’t just skin deep. But a transfusion of love, saving us from ourselves.

Often our minds return to the islands on their own accord. They glimpse the ocean in dreams, they swim with memories in blue.

We say ‘Talofa’ again to all the people we met.

We’ve taken a little piece of Samoa with us. It grows older and more subtle every day. When it’s old enough, we’ll return to set it free.

This will be the penultimate post on ‘One Hundred Days In Samoa’.

The very last post will come sometime next year, once Ted and Teresa have finished writing their e-book. They promise it will be all about their time in Samoa. And if we’re lucky, about ours too. They want everyone to read it, including you! They’ll come and stay at your house, if you don’t.

Until then…

Long live love, and long live Samoa.


2 thoughts on “This Time Next Year…”

  1. Of course, ‘100 degrees in Samoa’ was better, and the best cartoons are still held in my memory and not on paper yet. But I will get around to completing the story.


  2. Hey Andy,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading about your Samoan adventure – you’re a great writer. Hope you’ve settled back into Wellington life, see you on the water!


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